Snap a Splash!

Reporting water issues is confusing.

You might find yourself asking, 'Who's responsible for this leaking tap?', 'Does my local Council or the water authority manage blocked stormwater drains?'

Did you know that all Councils, water authorities and environmental agencies receive Snap Send Solve reports?  

We take the guesswork out of knowing who's responsible for which assets in the community.

Note: Please note that asset management responsibilities vary from state to state and even Council to Council, so the information below is general.

Don't worry! We take your location into account in the app and make sure your report is sent to the right people.

Blocked stormwater drain

Stormwater drainage issues can lead to blocked roads and property damage and are usually managed by your local Council.

Select the ‘Street Gutters / Storm Water’ Incident Type in the app to make sure your report goes to the right Solver.

Graffitied / damaged fire hydrant

Fire hydrants allow firefighters to tap into the local water supply; your local water authority is often responsible for maintenance.

Select ‘Fire Hydrant Damage’ in the app to send your report to the responsible party and get it fixed in a Snap.

Leaks and bursts

Leaks and bursts waste large amounts of water and are usually the responsibility of your local water authority. 

Use the ‘Water Burst’ or ‘Water Leak’ incident type in the app to report bursts and save water this summer.

Environmental issues

Environmental issues such as pollution in our streams, rivers and lakes can cause huge problems for native flora and fauna. 

Use the ‘Water General’ incident type so your local Council can investigate the case.

Leaking fire hydrant

Did you know that your local water authority is responsible for repairing leaking and damaged fire hydrants? 

Select ‘Fire Hydrant Damage’ in the app to send your report to the responsible party.

Water quality issues

Unusual tasting or discoloured water coming out of your tap? If your local water supply has been compromised, it can cause serious health and safety issues.

Use the ‘Water Quality Concern’ incident type to inform your local water authority.

Sewer issues

Sewer issues can cause blocked pipes and health and safety issues.

Report them in the app under the ‘Sewer’ incident types to let your local water authority know. You may be responsible for the resolution if the issue is on your property.

Meter leaks

Meter leak? No worries, report it in seconds with Snap Send Solve. 

Just use the ‘Meter Leak’ incident type in the app to notify your local water authority.

Let's save water across Australia and New Zealand this summer!

Do your bit, on the go.

Anywhere in Australia or Aotearoa New Zealand, anytime.