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Snap Send Solve empowers you with the eyes and ears of your community. Offering a platform that works across Australia and New Zealand means the requests you receive are actionable and easy to prioritise.

Over 10 years, we have pioneered reporting, management and integration to better shared spaces. All Councils within Australia and New Zealand receive Snap Send Solve reports for free.

Supporting organisations and councils subscribe to the paid version of the Snap Send Solve platform to take advantage of the many customisations and features to streamline industry leading customer experience.

Local Councils

Activate your community and receive customised reports integrated with your CRM. With over 1 million reports sent annually across Australia and New Zealand, Snap Send Solve activates community through problem-solving and insights.


Crowdsource reports for custom incidents from your organisation. Snap Send Solve is a fully customisable tool to receive and manage your maintenance requests, OHS reports or operational tasks.


Protect your assets and engage with customers with our actionable reports. Activate your teams, contractors and customers, and receive customised reports to track and manage your assets.


Enterprise License

Let's create change in your community.

For 10 years Snap Send Solve has been part of your community. We have sent over 4 million reports across Australia and New Zealand and the numbers continue to grow.

Now is a great time to take advantage of a greater level of customisation and increased data levels with an Enterprise Subscription for your Authority.

Residents don’t want a separate app for telcos, utilities, abandoned trolleys and their local council. Snap Send Solve is one app sending reports to hundreds of authorities.

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Not a Council? You can still use Snap Send Solve’s private reporting tool. Find out more here.



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Direct API

Eliminate manual data entry. Our API feeds reports directly into your CRM.

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Customise the questions you ask in the app to gain the data that your authority needs.

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Creating Efficiencies

Say goodbye to endless phone calls and overflowing inboxes; free up your customer service officers' valuable time by eliminating manual data entry. Our easy-to-use portal allows you to update report statuses, reassign tasks, and receive feedback seamlessly. Dive deep into the details with our monthly data packs, providing insights on customer feedback, hotspots, and problem areas.

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Leverage Our Community

Empower your organisation with access to our expansive community of over 500k+ active users. Our front-end app simplifies the process of reporting community issues, providing a seamless experience for your teams, customers, and contractors alike. Backed by a 4.5-star app store rating, our app ensures effortless reporting, enabling swift resolution of issues and fostering stronger community engagement.

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