An easy, on the spot reporting tool
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All Councils within Australia and New Zealand receive Snap Send Solve reports for free.

Snap Send Solve empowers you to be the eyes and ears of your community. Offering a platform that works universally means that Snap Send Solve users can send reports to authorities in Australia and New Zealand.

Supporting authorities subscribe to the paid version of Snap Send Solve and take advantage of the many customisations and features our platform can provide. We refer to this as an Enterprise Subscription.

Local Councils

Activate your community and receive customised Snaps integrated directly into your CRM

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Business & NFP

Crowdsource reports from across your organisation for maintenance requests, OHS reports or operational tasks

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Crowdsource reports to protect your assets and engage with customers

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Local Councils

Activate your community and receive customised reports integrated with your CRM.

With over 3 million reports sent across Australia and New Zealand, Snap Send Solve activates community through problem-solving and insights.

Business & Not-For-Profit

Crowdsource reports for custom incidents from your organisation.

Snap Send Solve is a fully customisable tool to receive and manage your maintenance requests, OHS reports or operational tasks.


Protect your assets and engage with customers with crowdsourced reports.

Activate your teams, contractors and customers, and receive customised reports to track and manage your assets.

Enterprise Licence

For 10 years Snap Send Solve has been part of your community. We have sent over 3 million reports across Australia and New Zealand and the numbers continue to grow.

Now is a great time to take advantage of a greater level of customisation and increased data levels with an Enterprise Subscription for your Authority.

Residents don’t want a separate app for telcos, utilities, abandoned trolleys and their local council. Snap Send Solve is one app sending reports to hundreds of authorities.

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Not a Council? You can still use Snap Send Solve’s private reporting tool – Find out more here.

Eliminate manual data entry.
Our API feeds reports directly into your CRM.

Customise the questions you ask in the app to gain the data that your authority needs.

The trusted reporting tool for
Australian and New Zealand organisations

How Solvers Use Snap Send Solve

Our Snappers


Vid says...

Incredibly useful and effective app for reporting local issues. UI is better than any local council app I’ve ever tried, and knowing the information will be forwarded to the right council if you are near a boundary is also reassuring.


Steven says...

Love this app. Always quick fast & efficient, usually hear back either by email or phone call so feel heard. I’m loving the fact I can do a quick SSS while out walking and it’s done by the next time I’m out and about or at the least a cone is out and it’s sorted in a timely manner.


Andrea says...

As an independent person you have to jump through multiple hoops, multiple phone calls. multiple not-my-problem transfers, especially with council. Put in a Snap Send Solve report and they are on it straight away.


Liz says...

This app is fantastic Submitted a case about an illegally parked trailer. All I needed to do was enter the details of the issue and included a photo. Once submitted through the app it was directed to the correct authority and in less than 48 hours it was gone.


Sibpatro says...

I have been using this app from last couple of years. This is the best way to report anything to the local council from road damage, street light problem, traffic lights, fallen trees etc. Council resolves them quickly. Special thanks to the developers who values feedback and actions immediately.


Katie says...

Living in rural Victoria, wandering cattle on the road is a big safety issue. With this app, all it takes is a quick photo and the rest is history. The council sends a confirmation message within minutes and the issue is addressed. Such a fantastic app.