Why Snap Send Solve?

Snap Send Solve is the easy way to report local issues. Whether it’s graffiti, illegal parking or dumped rubbish, find out why people across Australia and New Zealand used Snap Send Solve to send almost 500,000 reports to local councils, utility companies and businesses each year.

You should use Snap Send Solve because...

...it’s fast and accurate 

You can use your phone to lodge your report on the spot — no complicated webforms or waiting on the phone.

Our simple platform means it takes less than 20 seconds to send a Snap Send Solve report.

By using the geo-location and images you upload, authorities receive specific and comprehensive information needed to resolve your report.

...it’s free and accessible 

Snap Send Solve is available almost everywhere in Australia and New Zealand. Whether you’re walking on a city footpath or a bush track, you can use Snap Send Solve to send your reports to local authorities.

We want everyone to be able to use Snap Send Solve. It’s 100% free and available on iOS and Android.

...there’s no guesswork

Snap Send Solve automatically directs your report to the responsible authority based on your geo-location and incident type. You can Snap and Send without spending time figuring out who’s responsible for the Solve.

...you’ll be a community champion

Join the 750,000+ community champions who are improving their local areas with just a few clicks. Play an active role in building your area’s liveability and creating cleaner, safer and smarter communities.

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Happy Snapping!

Do your bit, on the go.

Anywhere in Australia or Aotearoa New Zealand, anytime.