Embracing the Future: The City of Casey's Integration with Snap Send Solve

We are excited to share the City of Casey update on their journey’s progress to improve their innovation and  responsiveness to community issues and have highlighted Snap Send Solve as a key achievement in their latest report.

Over the past year, they’ve integrated with with Snap Send Solve to improve efficiency and service delivery, working towards their vision of being a more connected, bold and resilient community.

Integration with Snap Send Solve allows real-time Snaps from community members to be effectively passed on the to relevant internal team, greatly improving resolution times and customer satisfaction.

This integration is more than just a technological upgrade, it’s a significant step towards becoming a more connected, bold and resilient community for the City of Casey.

This initiative shows their commitment to a future-ready community, and we're excited to be a part of it.

Learn more about the steps the City of Casey is taking in their Annual Report.