Glen Eira City Council: Working Towards a Smarter City

Glen Eira City Council has announced that Snap Send Solve has had an integral role in working towards the council’s Smart City plan.

With the recent release of their 2022/23 Annual Report, our recent collaboration was included as a key part of their 2021 to 2025 Smart Cities Implementation Plan.

The successful implementation of Snap Send Solve QR code pilot on public assets means Glen Eira City Council has taken one more step towards becoming a thriving and sustainable city.

Snap Send Solve was noted alongside Communities of Practice, Digital Glen Eira and Improved Walkability initiatives, all working towards Glen Eira City Council’s Smart City plan.

We’re proud to be providing councils across Australia and New Zealand with a community-driven way to enhance smart technologies and processes.

Reach out if you’re interested in how Snap Send Solve can improve the innovation of your council.

Read more about the QR Code Pilot here.