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Report Dumped Rubbish

June 28, 2024

Looking for the right people to help you report illegal dumping of rubbish in your community? We’re here to help connect you with a Solver to report illegal dumping of rubbish in Australia or New Zealand when you use the Snap Send Solve app, or create a Snap using the form below. Using Snap Send Solve, you can report illegal dumping of rubbish directly to someone at your local council in just under 30 seconds.

When is waste dumping considered illegal?

In Australia, the dumping of waste above 200 litres is considered illegal, if not approved by the council, with offenders facing penalties.

In New Zealand, the dumping of rubbish or litter of any kind in public places, including roadsides, parks and reserves is considered illegal, with offenders facing penalties.

Can you report illegal dumping?

Different states and council areas have specific rules around dumped waste, which is why reporting dumped rubbish using the Snap Send Solve makes the process easy.

Got a litter problem in your area? Snap Send Solve connects you with the responsible Solver based on your location, so they can take the right course of action, without you having to do the guesswork around where to report rubbish dumping.

Examples of illegal waste disposal include:

  • TVs, appliances and e-waste,
  • furniture and mattresses,
  • industrial waste,
  • construction and demolition materials,
  • garden waste and soil,
  • packaging,
  • old cars,
  • tyre and chemical waste stockpiles.

What should I do if someone dumps rubbish on my property?

Wondering what to do if someone dumped rubbish on your property? It’s easy enough to report rubbish dumped outside your house, or on your property, using Snap Send Solve.

If you create a Snap using the app or the form above, this will go directly to a Solver at your local council who will be able to help address your rubbish dumping report promptly.

That being said, by law in both Australia and New Zealand, you are responsible for fencing or taking all precautions necessary to prevent uncontrolled access to your land that can enable waste dumping. You may also be liable for fines and clean-up costs.

How do you report illegal dumping?

Snap Send Solve makes collecting details needed to create a rubbish dumping report simple and streamlined. Providing these details makes your Snap super easy to Solve. Just Snap a photo, add a description and we’ll notify the right people!

Should I report illegal dumping of rubbish?

When you report dumped rubbish, you can make an impact on issues such as land contamination, pollution of waterways, increased fire risk and harm to local wildlife and their habitats. Illegal waste disposal, otherwise known as ‘fly dumping’ or ‘fly tipping’, costs councils and environmental protection authorities millions of dollars per year. When you report these issues using Snap Send Solve, you can be a part of making your community cleaner, safer and better.

So, what happens next?

When you use Snap Send Solve to report illegal dumping of rubbish, we usually send your Snap directly to your local council. In the first instance, a Solver from your council will investigate the issue, and in some cases they will issue fines. Following this, the Solver from your local council will organize a contractor to remove the rubbish if necessary.

We’ve found that Snappers report high response rates and prompt resolutions when using Snap Send Solve, without time spent following up emails. Snap using the app so you can easily track the progress of your Snap in the History section of the Snap Send Solve app and provide feedback, along with your satisfaction rating. Councils have their own customer service level standards and will provide feedback on your Snaps depending on their time and resources.

If your report isn’t Solved right away, you can also send a Nudge two weeks after sending your Snap, which is a friendly follow up signal to the Solver.

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