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Top Five Most Snapped Issues

June 28, 2024

Do you ever wonder what other Local Legends are reporting on Snap Send Solve?

Find out what the top five most Snapped issues are below.

5. Graffiti & Vandalism

Street art can liven up our neighbourhoods, but studies have found that illegal graffiti and vandalism can give a negative impression of your neighbourhood to visitors and locals.

A key strategy in graffiti prevention is to maximise risk and minimise rewards for the vandal. By reporting graffiti ASAP, the reward of seeing a tag up for weeks or months is minimised. If the graffiti is removed and vandalism repaired efficiently, offenders are less likely to target the same area.

4. Roads & Signage

Not only are road issues annoying but they can also be dangerous.

School zones, speed limits, and parking rules are all designed to keep us safe. If these signs lay flat, where motorists cannot see them, the risk of accidents increases.

Snapping them can help protect yourself, your neighbours and fellow drivers.

Additionally, damaged roads can lead more directly to dangerous driving conditions. Potholes cause damage to tires, suspension, and even loss of control over the vehicle.

3. Trees

Next up, trees! Overgrown vegetation can make accessing footpaths and streets difficult, especially for those with prams, wheelchairs, or mobility issues.

While overgrown footpaths cause issues for pedestrians, branches covering signage make navigation difficult for motorists.

However, the issue of overgrown vegetation goes beyond accessibility concerns. Fallen branches from old or diseased trees pose a serious danger, and during dry weather, the excessive foliage can turn into a fire hazard.

It is easy to see why cleaning up overgrown footpaths, dangerous branches, and fallen debris is one of the biggest issues for Snappers.

2. Parking & Cars

Our second most commonly reported issue is parking and cars.

Whether it’s blocked driveways, illegal parking, or an abandoned vehicle, these issues can be frustrating.

Illegal parking often creates serious accessibility problems for people who need to park close to their homes or businesses.

But it isn’t just the public who struggles against the scourge of illegal parking. Public servants like firefighters and EMTs can have their access to buildings impeded by illegally parked cars.

Illegally parked vehicles are often excused as “no big deal”, but it is important to remember the accessibility issues for both the public and in an emergency, and keep Snapping them!

Abandoned vehicles meanwhile, create environmental risks, fire hazards, and breeding grounds for pests. It is understandable Snappers want to keep their streets clear of these dangerous eyesores.

1. Rubbish & Bins

In 2021 Australia generated an estimated 75.8 million tonnes of waste.

It is no wonder that rubbish and bins are the biggest issues for Snappers, with 105,159 reports in this category in 2022.

Overflowing and damaged bins, improperly disposed hard rubbish, and other waste disposal issues can be a health and safety risk as well as an eye (and nose) sore!

So keep an eye out for dumped rubbish, and keep you and your community safe from the dangers it can pose.

Is your biggest issue not on the list?

Don’t worry! This isn’t everything that you can report with Snap Send Solve. Check out a full list of the incident types, and get Snapping!

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